Thursday, December 14, 2017

(Onion in Sock) How To Break a High Fever with Natural Remedies

Because we do video blogs we were able to catch this sad moment on camera… We hope it helps some of you the next time your little get’s a high temp. We didn’t have to sit in the ER all night but you definitely want to use your own discretion… THIS MAY NOT WORK FOR EVERYONE as you can see in the comments, it did however work for us! It’s worth a try and only cost $1!
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SPECIAL THANKS TO MY MOM FOR SUGGESTING THIS… My daughter and my husband both started having flu symptoms so my mom reminded me of the onion in the sock home remedy. I jumped on Pinterest and read a few different ones. I had a yellow onion but they recommend a white onion. Anyhow, I cut the ends off to use on my daughter so that it didn’t get too messy. She had the aches, her throat was hurting and her temperature went up to 104. Around 1 am she had only dropped down .1 degree so I must admit that I got scared and gave her Tylenol. But my husband never took any medicine and when they woke up, they were both perfectly fine!!!! That sure beats taking a trip to the emergency room, visiting a doctor and paying all that money and then having to get a prescription! We paid less than a dollar for one onion and all is well in less than 24 hours! I’m a believer… (For those who say, BUT YOU GAVE HER TYLENOL!) you are right, I did, but we all know that Tylenol only covers the symptoms! I would have had to keep giving her Tylenol if I hadn’t used the onion. Well, I hope this works for you too…