Thursday, December 14, 2017

5 natural remedies for kidney stones

5 natural remedies for kidney stones
Kidney stones are small solid masses in the shape of crystals. You can read full story here .

Kidney stones vary in size. The leading cause of kidney stones is a lack of water. Kidney stones are formed when amount of substance are highly concentrated in the urine such as calcium, oxalate and phosphorous. Kidney stones are form in kidney bladder. But when these stones are enter into the urinary tract the larger stones are struck into the urinary tract and can block the flow of urine, which cause intense pain in the kidney. Kidney diseases are common in young and middle-aged people.

Many people think that these stones are formed naturally or due to the hereditary purpose. In fact they didn’t known ‘How! ’ these kidney stone are formed. In most cases we had seen that these kidney stones are formed due to unhealthy diet or use of insufficient drinking water or dirty water. Kidney helps in purifying the body blood but during purification it can filter the waste material from the blood. In these waste material there are some certain substances in our body which helps to cause these stones which are including calcium, phosphorous, uric and sometimes oxalic acid. In kidney when these substances joint together hard crystals like stones are formed which is called kidney stones.

There are some symptom of kidney stones.
Blood in the urine.
Nausea and vomiting.
Pain in the back and belly.
Change in color of urine (red, yellow, brown).
Many people uses medicines and diagnose method to remove kidney stone. But they didn’t get better results from such treatment. At certain stages removing kidney stone through medical treatment are not helpful. Because it cause serious diseases. From avoiding to the medical treatment at this stages we are giving you some helpful and easily home remedies which gave you better results in few weeks. These home remedies are basic and simple. But having good a result on your health.
Method 1.
Drink 3 glass of water in early morning with empty stomach.
Drink 3 liters of water in every day.
Method 2.
Eat fruits in rich amount like grapes, water melon and musk melon.
Prepare 8 ounces of lemon juice (no added water). Drink this juice in every morning.
Method 3.
Take a 1 cup of warm water.
Take 2tbsp of apple cider vinegar and 2tbsp of honey. Mix it will and then drink it twice in a day.
Method 4.
Use water melon as possible as it is. Water melon contain calcium, carbonates, and magnesium phosphate which is good for the treatment of kidney stones. Water melon contain high concentration of water which help in flushing out stone from the kidney. Use water melon excessively as possible for you.

Method 5.
Take 3tbsp of lemon juice in a cup.
Take 2tbsp of olive oil or equal amount of olive oil.
Add some water in it.
Mix it well and drink this 2-3 times in a day.